Golly ( said, or course, in my Southern accent)….

pregnancy really has made me emotional! Most of the time I am on a happy care bear cloud. (:

The other times, I am super grumpy, mean, or crying about something. The crying thing never happens when someone is truly mean to me. For instance, today, a patient wanted a viagra prescription he wasn’t eligible for, so he yelled at me and called me a “cunt.” I thought this was immensely funny! That word alone makes me laugh out loud, and the correlation between viagra and cunt was pretty funny to me! hahahah. Sorry for the bad language.

However, when driving down the street, I tear up for no reason at all…..I don’t get it!

Anyhow…things/people that have made me happy this week. (in no particular order)

The Christmas music station
Christmas lights around town
Chris rubbing my belly and talking to the baby
O O O Obama
fun chats with Aurelia and Stacy while I am supposed to be working
Little Tiny moving!
Hot Cocoa and apple cider
Little Tiny
Thats all I can think of for now.
Please pray for safe travels tonight as we head for Chicago to visit mom and!!!!!
Please pray little Tiny cooperates as we get a gender check ultrasound Saturday!

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