21 weeks!

Every day, I feel our little girl move more and more…..Its still not consistent yet, but it is so amazing to feel her move around. So far, I have noticed a small pattern though….

When Buster barks she moves…and very quickly. He is probably waking her from a nap!

In the evening, when Chris and I are watching a show, Chris rubs my tummy….I’ve noticed if he laughs and rubs at the same time, she flutters around a little!

Dance music….I think its either loud and annoying to her, or she’s having dance sessions in my belly!

So…every morning, I have Little Tiny and me time. Usually, this coincides with guitar practice time, while I practice guitar chords and make up silly and very stupid little lullabies. I am loving singing to her , and I sing to her all of the time! I am pretty sure she loves it…even if no one else does! And, someone else in this house loves it….Buster. I was singing to Little Tiny and petting Buster, and when I was done, I looked at Buster and noticed that I had sung him to sleep…hahaha.

Well…I will be taking some pictures soon. Oh, this coming week is also my last day at work. I am so excited to be able to focus fully on school….and so lucky that I get to relax during my last trimester! And, I am about to go home to visit my dad, sisters, auntie, and grandma! My sister is also throwing me a much anticipated baby shower! I am so excited…I have only seen them once this past year….so I am just incredibly excited to go and celebrate Jesus’s birthday with them.

And…a much needed vacation with Chris…..with lots of quiet time (Homer doesn’t offer much else), rest and relaxation.


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  1. I think she is having dancing lessons in your belly. I used to sing to all three of you and at times your dad thought I was overdoing it. I just couldn't help myself though.


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