I’m so behind….

I promise to update pictures, blogs, videos, etc this week! Believe it or not, this week has been so busy for me! Just getting 2 weeks of clothes, Christmas presents, baby shower presents, and dog supplies unpacked, studying for a big women’s biology test this week, and cleaning has kept me busy! I hope to be all caught up by Monday.

And just a little piece for you…..I believe the whole nesting thing is in full effect….I just keep feeling like I am running out time. It’s pretty hard to concentrate on studying and school when all I can think about is reorganizing all the closets, cleaning, and taking every picture and decoration down and rearranging those too. Sounds silly, but the desire is fierce! ( tyra banks fierce)

I am already a little ocd and anal about cleaning, dusting, and wanting absolutely no clutter around me. I can’t believe it gets worse. (:

OH! here is a picture of all the baby stuff we’ve received so far! This does not include monetary gifts we have received from Grandma Loy and Aunt Melinda-Thank you!!!

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