13 more weeks!

I haven’t been motivated to blog lately…I just haven’t. I don’t have any good reason, though I could make up a few.

Tomorrow, I will be 27 weeks pregnant! At 28 weeks, I will be in the LAST trimester!!!
Wow….I can’t believe we will be parents soon!

So, Stacy and her friend Rose came spontaneously to visit us last week. They helped us paint the nursery! The nursery is a light yellow color…It really lights up the room, and when I walk in now, I get all teary eyed.

We have absolutely nothing in the room yet that has anything to do with the baby. As soon as this semester is over (28 Feb), I am going to get started using some rarely used artistic talent…haha. I drew out about 5 pictures that I am going to paint for the nursery. They aren’t complicated at all…..they are really simple, cutesy, and quirky. I have a lot of ideas….surprised??
You shouldn’t be! I am actually a super creative person, yet I rarely use my creativity artistically. Ok, well , lets just hope all my art projects turn out beautifully….its been a long time since I’ve painted.

The uncomfortable-ness phase of pregnancy is on its way. For a long time, I was getting the best sleep of my life…even if I did have to get up and pee all the time. Now my tummy is getting big, so its hard to be comfortable at night…..the extra weight is really taking a toll on my hips, and the schiatia, which was really horrible in the 1st trimester, is coming back.
Did I spell that right??? Oh well.

I can feel that wonderful burst of energy I had for the last 3 months slowly waning away. I am so happy that I get to be at home, so I can take naps when needed! I am really taking advantage of taking naps….when tiny gets here, I will probably never get to nap again, haha!

well, we have been incredibly blessed with some free stuff!!! A pharmacist I worked with gave us 2 strollers! One is the kind you just put the car seat in and it locks in. That one has a tray on it, with two drink holders and plenty of additional room for purses, diaper bags, jackets, etc. The other one is just a regular stroller. She also gave us a car seat and 2 bases. We already had another free carseat that is the same brand as the one she gave us, so it will fit in the bases and stroller. She (her name is Molly) also gave us a sling carrier, a crib mattress, baby bumper for the crib and quilt, and a box of 3-9 months clothing! God Bless Molly and her family; they saved us so much money!

On craigslist, I found a lady that was selling a TON of 3-12 month clothing. I got it all for 25 dollars! Yay! It was all really nice little girl clothing, and some were even baby brand name clothing…haha. The good part is that we have so much 3-6 month clothing that people have bought us, so it is nice to have some 6-12 month clothing.

So, of course there is still a lot we need. But I am so happy that so much was given to us for free!

Chris and I are doing well. This whole pregnancy is really a great experience for a couple, in my opinion, and the newness of it is kinda like falling in love with each other all over again!

Please remember to keep us in your prayers. Pray for Chris, that he will keep producing, and that can keep being positive in such a stressful job, that he hates! And pray for tiny….that she will stay in my belly until she is due, and that she will be healthy and a happy baby. We REALLY don’t want her to come super early….its just not the healthiest situation. And please pray that I will continue to have a problem-less pregnancy, and a heart full of love for Chris…that I can continue to support him and do what I can to make his job easier for him.

I know these are all specific prayers….but we really do need them right now. We love you all and thank you!

OH! Chris wrote a blog announcing the name of little tiny, though most of you probably know it by now. I am sure he will be posting it on here any day now! (:

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