27 weeks!

well, I’m huge. what can I say. I am only 4’11 and I haven’t gained over my recommedended weight…..yet. I hope not to, but I have a feeling I will go at least 5 lbs over the recommended 35 LBS the doctor told me he thinks I should gain. Isn’t that crazy! 35 lbs on my short body! I am so glad that I made sure to lose A LOT of weight BEFORE I got pregnant. I feel like a huge, unattractive whale right now, so I could only imagine if I didn’t lose any weight before I got pregnant.

So, I have decided that people with tiny breasts look better and skinner while they are pregnant. I just had to say that. I’ve already gone up 2 cup sizes…I’m scared for the day my milk actually comes in. Oh, for the first time in my entire life, I cannot wait to work out and diet..haha. I am just very lucky that I have a great husband who still finds me incredibly attractive….(at least he says so! )

enough of the disclaimer…here are the pics:

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