I wonder how anyone can be in college while pregnant, and totally focus on their studying? I haven’t been able to focus on anything since I’ve been pregnant, unless its falls under topics like, prenatal development, pregnancy educational topics, breastfeeding education, basically anything baby related. If I am not reading about that, I am constantly thinking this: “What if, God forbid, baby Isabela comes early? I’m not ready! AHHH!” Then I am thinking of all the things I need to clean, arrange, rearrange, fold, move, throw away, etc.

So, its no wonder that this is the first time in my college life that I am not absolutely 100 percent sure that I will have all A’s in every class. Yes thats me. No, I’m not an overachiever…I’m just want an A. In Everything. So, its amazing that for the first time EVER, I simply do not care if I get an A or not! Its amazing, yet scary. Soooo, the whole point is this. I am having a very hard time focusing on my studies and making them a top priority throughout the day, and I have a feeling that I will be getting B’s and possible 1 C. (ick…I hate even saying the grade C)

Luckily, I only have one more month of school…and when that’s over with I will only have 8 more weeks of pregnancy left!

Chris and I really wish we were living in a warm, sunny place right now. In fact, we wish we could lay on a beach every day. Its so cold up here! We’re thinking of trying to plan a Feb visit to a warmer place….anyone want to join us? (:

Its so cold up here, I am really missing Louisiana weather. In light of that, I thought I would post some pics of me being scared of and holding a baby alligator. ( if you click on the pics, they will get bigger)

A big tray of spicy crawfish also sounds fabulous right now

powedered sugar fights with Beignets @ Café du Monde can be fun too!

And Chris really misses signs like this:

so , I am obviously looking through old pictures. Anyhow, I don’t have much to say….except that this one really makes me envy wonderful deep sleeping naps!

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  1. I can understand not liking our winter weather. Wintertime sucks “—-“! I absolutely hate it; therefore, I miss summertime, especially since I'm getting over being sick. I really absolutely hate winter. That Christmas song that goes “it's the most wonderful time of the year” is only true for Christmas. Otherwise, it's the most “s——-” time of the year.

    I saw you hold that baby alligator. Be careful with that stuff.

    I'm glad you are getting more seasoned on the guitar.

    I know what it's like not to be focused so just relax and take it in stride.

    I like that beer sign you posted. Dave & I enjoyed some Imperial Blackberry I.P.A. the other day from Lunar Brewing. It was great! Better than my grandma's homemade jam (not really) but it was great!


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