We will name our little tiny:

Isabela Eliana Stephens

We had the name Isabela picked out from the very beginning….and it is also my great-great grandmother’s name.

We had a lot of trouble picking a middle name. We both just didn’t like any names we saw! However, when we saw Eliana on a website, we both liked it right away….so we stopped looking after that.

Eliana means “the Lord has answered.” We loved the meaning, but we also loved how it is similar to the name Eileen, which was Chris’s grandmother’s name. We both miss her so much….
For me, she just had this incredible way of making me feel welcome, right from the very start. She had the best sense of humor, loved to play games, and made the best cherry pie! I really do miss her a lot! Anyhow, thats just a little preview of her personality, so we just liked that we could, in a slight way, honor her memory.

So, I would prefer if anyone has any negative comments on the name, to just keep them to yourself. I understand if its not what you would pick….but thats the thing…you don’t get to pick it! haha!

So far….Isabela already has several nicknames. Of course, little tiny or tiny is one of them. The others are Isa, Isabelita, and Isabeli. We kinda just make them up as we go along.

5 thoughts on “We will name our little tiny:

  1. Who in the world made negative comments? I always believe that parents should be the ones to name their own children. I believe that if parents to be ask an opinion as to a name an honest answer should be given. However, I once knew somebody who thought that she should be the authority on naming babies. I do think, however, that one should pray before they pick a name; i.e., somebody is named a name, which in the Flemish language means “vampire”. That's what I'm talking about.


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