After a long, miserable night last night, I am happy to say that I am pain free! Last night, I was awakened by heartburn and a stomachache of sorts. At first, I just woke up and wondered why I felt so crappy. I was feeling nauseated, my stomach was making noises, and it felt really uneasy. After a couple of minutes of trying to wake up, I thought it might be heartburn, and I sat upright. I started to slowly feel better, but I every time I laid back down, I would feel worse. So, I just kinda sat there forever. Because of that, I woke up pretty late this morning….but I feel great!

Also, Chris’s commander gave him the day off today, so its going to be really nice to be able to spend the day with him!!

On a totally different note, Dave Lunsford, one of our worship leaders, has a cd coming out in March sometime! I am so incredibly excited- Dave is so extremely talented and such an inspiration in faith! He has written some of the most amazing songs ….WAY better than the songs you hear on Christian radio (which I’m not a fan of most times). I know a lot of you have heard me talk about how excited I am for this cd, and how talented Dave is ….so I am just letting you know that you can now preorder his cd!!! Yay!!!

Here is the link:

Also, Dave is in another band that reaches out to bar patrons…yep a bar ministry! Here is the link to that site: All But Screaming

Well….12 more weeks to go til Isabela makes an appearance (hopefully!). Yesterday, I hit 28 weeks!

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