I get so emotional baby

Since I’ve been in the 3rd trimester…..I have been over-emotional …you can’t even imagine. The tiniest things are making me cry. Things that would have never hurt my feelings before hurt my feelings now more than ever, and can make me cry for hours!

Its driving me crazy because that is not the normal “me.” Normally, I am feisty, and not much phases me. I am definitely not oversensitive, dramatic and super emotional like this on a normal basis.

Its strange….to have so many emotions that vary so much throughout the day.

I can’t wait to have the old me back. I’m over being pregnant. It was fun, and the belly was a cute for a while…..but now, its super uncomfortable! 11 more weeks, give or take a few, and hopefully my recovery will be speedy….and eventually I will have my body back and my old self back.

love you guys!

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