Isabela has definitely dropped. I actually thought she dropped at about 31 weeks ( I will be 33 weeks tomorrow), but I wasn’t too sure.

Well! I am definitely sure now! I have to pee now WAY more than I did before. I can’t believe that is even possible. Also, its easier to breath now – I don’t get as breathless as I did before. I especially noticed this while singing at church. I can actually use my diaphragm when singing now, where as before I could not feel it at all! Also, the higher notes are easier for me now and don’t make me feel light-headed anymore. Even worse, my pelvic bone hurts soooo bad! When I walk, sit or stand, I feel her pressing down on my pelvis – which then makes my pelvic bone really sore.

Soooooo, I am pretty sure she has dropped. Even when I put on my jeans, I can barely pull the crotch up all the way – my belly is lower than before!! (and bigger, too, of course)

So, what does this mean? Unfortunately, it really doesn’t mean much for a first time mother, according to my midwife. (oh yeah, Monday, my midwife and a hospital resident said they felt Isabela’s head….right on top of my pelvic bone, and also, she had a nice, strong heartbeat of 161)

In a first time mother, the baby usually drops 2-4 weeks before the baby comes. BUT….just because Isabela has dropped, doesnt guarantee that she will come early, or on time. She may still come after 40 weeks, like the majority of first timers do.

Soooooo, tomorrow I will be 33 weeks. At 37, I am considered full term. That means if I go into labor, they won’t try to stop it. Can you believe its so close!!!

Please pray for me and Chris. We are both sick with a cold virus now ): Its excruciatingly miserable. I’m such a baby when I’m sick. Actually, I should say I am SOOO lazy when I’m sick.

Ok…sorry for this boring and repetititve blog. I will post pictures when I get better.
Love ya’ll!

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