short and sweet

Had my 35 week appt yesterday. Everything was fine….heartbeat sounded great. My abdomen is measuring in at 33.5 cm which is a tiny bit small, but nothing to worry about it. (They like the cm to be close to the number in weeks you are.)

I gained some weight, but only 3 oz. haha. And that was probably water weight. However, Isabela is still growing. I can tell she is more and more cramped inside my belly, and her movements are becoming less and less strong…though still as frequent. I am just so anxious to finally meet her!

So….exactly 5 weeks left, give or take a week or 2. Two more weeks til I’m considered at full term.

Wow….time is moving fast!

3 thoughts on “short and sweet

  1. Advice: Sleep in when you can! Go out to movies or dinner! Be selfish with whatever it is you want to do. When your little bundle arrives, life will change in ways you can't even imagine! Amazing ways, I tell you!


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