fender bender

Yes, Chris got into a fender bender in the university hospital parking garage yesterday. We were at a breastfeeding class, and Chris wanted to leave to get his back medicine because he was in pain.

I didn’t really want him to go, because I knew he would miss all the important stuff, but I didn’t want him to be in pain, so I just told him to hurry back. We live in a small town here, so I figured he would only be gone for 20 minutes.

Well, he was gone FOREVER! When he finally came back, he told me a car pulled out of the lady in front of him, she stopped quickly, and he did too, but still hit her bumper. He was laughing about it, so of course, that irritated me….just because its not really funny.

I’m glad its just a fender bender. I hate driving in the university parking garage. Some idiot decided not to make a one way garage, and all the old people there are constantly pulling out in front of you or driving directly down the middle of the turning lanes. Its infuriating at times!

So, we are definitely not happy that we get to pay our deductible, now. We were just so excited to have saved an extra 500 dollars this paycheck, and I just transferred it over to our savings. That is a little more than what we usually save per paycheck, and since Isabela is almost here, we haven’t been saving much money, because we’ve been purchasing some last minute things. However, it is a great and awesome thing that we have the money, of course. I would just rather see it in savings than not savings.


I just hate taking any amount of money out of savings…even though it does exists for last minute situations like these.

Sooo….thats all I have. I really haven’t been in a blogging mood lately. Maybe that will change soon. (:

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