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We watched Buster’s dog friend, Lucy, this weekend. It was fun having two dogs! One thing we regret is not getting one of Buster’s sisters or brothers when we got him at the shelter.

Lucy looks pretty similar to Buster, except she is skinnier and her ears stick up. And, their personalities and the way they play and pounce around are exactly the same! They are so cute!

Aren’t they so cute!!

So, I am running behind on pictures to post of the nursery. Here are some pictures of the paintings I did for the room. Believe it or not, I actually used to be quite good at painting. However, the last time I did a painting I was probably about 13! Still, I was way better at that age then I am now!
I still have tons of pictures I need to take off my camera of the nursery. I promise to do that soon!

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