My favorite video so far

I have SOOOO much updating to do. Chris and I have been really busy with our little
tiny sweet!
Unfortunately, she has been experiencing some severe acid reflux, and that has kept us up hours at night…not too mention – she is very uncomfortable and in pain from it, so when she is awake and not eating she is crying ):

Please pray that our doctors appt goes well Tuesday – we will meet with her doctor to discuss treatment remedies. Also, please pray for God’s healing touch!

It’s definitely been a rough couple of weeks, but what really hurts is knowing my child is in pain, and being helpless to stop it ): I know things will get better, but I just want to have a happy baby, and the sooner the better!

Here is a video of our little one:

3 thoughts on “My favorite video so far

  1. so the doctor confirmed it is definitely acid reflex? i mean, it stinks but at least you know what exactly the problem is now.

    what a great video! some videographer is really talented!


  2. Isabela will be fine. This too shall pass. I know that God gives you and Chris the strength to pull through this one victoriously. Later on you will tell Isabela when she becomes a mommy about the things that you and Chris experienced and these will be as words of wisdom for her when she has her little tiny.


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