The Zantac seems to be working well on the acid reflux (: Though we can still hear the reflux, it definitely seems to be lessening the burning of her esophagus (sp?).
Yesterday, she slept for more than an hour at a time at all her naps, and at first we were really worried! Then we realized that most newborns usually do sleep for more than an hour at a time!

So, I am just really thankful that the Zantac can take some of her pain away. AND, the best part is that nursing is going soooo much better now. I didn’t post this before, but nursing was starting to get really really horrible! She would just cry and scream during the whole feeding and it would take more than an hour to feed her. She kept wanting to eat because the milk soothed her tummy, but at the same time, she was hurting so bad from the relux all the time. She would projectile vomit at least once a day. To make matters worse, we were both so frustrated during nursing and I was having a lot of trouble maintaining confidence in myself.

I am happy that I stuck with breastfeeding…because now the feedings seem to be improving. I told myself that as long as nursing can get better, I could definitely deal with the colicky – ness.

So, thats an update for now. Pray that the zantac continues to ease the pain of her acid reflux. Poor baby!!!

And pray that mommy and daddy can continue to be patient as we wait for Isa to outgrow the colic.

4 thoughts on “update

  1. awwwww sister, I'm so sorry that you have to try and get through this. I'm glad you know what the problem is now though, so that you aren't always thinking it is something you are doing. i'll keep praying, and i know already that Isa is the best baby ever!


  2. It's already done. Whenever I pray for you Chris and Isa I always remember the words of Jesus: “When you stand praying, believe that you have received it and it shall be yours”. I also love what it says in Isaiah (Forgot which chapter: For I know your thoughts from afar). So even when I'm busy at work I'm confident that Jesus hears me.


  3. When I look at this post I go back into my memory bank and although Angela was not diagnosed with colic, that may have been part of the problem with her keeping me up at night. I'm glad you kept up the breast feeding too since all the natural immunities are in breast milk. I can, however, understand why people do give it up as I did with your sister since the advice I received seemed sound at the time. It made perfect sense to me at the time that maybe I was starving my baby and maybe I should start cereal. I got this advise from both practical everyday people as well as Dr. Houck who people recommended I switch to. If the other doctor I had was not fresh out of medical school, a little less idealistic and more practical minded, having researched other possible problems, I might have continued with the breastfeeding. Looking back, I can only say that is the wisdom that comes through experience spoken of in Proverbs.


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