fa la la

Wow. I have had ALOT of visitors lately, and I am so thankful to have friends and family that love me so much!
First, Stacy came to visit from Rochester, New York. Then my sister, Aurelia, came to visit from Waco, Texas. Then, Jessica came to visit all the way from Alaska!! 3 weeks of fun with friends and family, yay!
Jessica just left today ): Jessica and I met in Germany, where we were stationed together. Ever since, we’ve been best friends. Now, we are both older, married and have babies. (: It’s definitely been fun to just hang out, relax, reminisce, and catch up.
Next week, my mom comes to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. Then, during the first week of December, we are making a trip to southern Illinois to celebrate my sister-in-law’s baby shower. My mother-in-law is going to ride back to Iowa with us to visit for a while! AND THEN (lol), Auntie Aurelia and Uncle Lyle are coming for a visit, sometime around 20 December. And, lastly, the day before Christmas, we will be heading back down to southern Illinois to celebrate Christmas with my inlaws.

So, yes, I’ve been a little busy!

Isabela is doing great. She is really, really trying to crawl. She is great at rolling around, low crawling, and crawling backwards. She smiles and laughs all the time. Her favorite food is sweet potatoes. She’s had 2 haircuts, so far. Her first tooth finally cut. She’s getting taller and more beautiful every day. AND……dun dun dun….

She is sleeping in her crib, all by herself! Yep…its been about 7 days since shes been in her crib. She still wakes up a lot, but its getting better. I’ve really been learning patience….and sheer exhaustion. (:

Well, I need to go, but I promise that I will post some pictures soon!

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