I almost forgot…

So, today, I was on facebook and saw that a friend of mine had posted a status referencing a stalker.

This reminded me of a very true stalker story that I have. I seriously almost forgot about this.

I was stationed at Ramstein, where I was a pharmacy technician. I must have made a lasting impression on a patient, because later he found me on the global and emailed me. For non military folks, the global is an addressbook on everone’s email. Basically, you just type in a name and everyone with that name will pop up (civilian and military).

He basically acted like we knew each other, which is a pretty good trick that guys like to play. Especially in the military, where you come into contact with so many people.

So, I racked my brain, and I emailed him back, telling him that I am pretty sure I didn’t know him. He must have mistaken me for someone else. I didn’t recognize his name and couldn’t even remember what he looked like.

I went about the rest of my day at work and returned home to my dorm room. All of a sudden, hear a knock on my door. I open the door, and guess who? Yes, it was him! I recognized him from being in the pharmacy that day, and also recognized that I really didnt know him! Anyhow, stalker guy (his name will rename anomonous) tells me that he just happened to be in the medical dorms and that he just “found” himself standing outside A1c Davila’s door. ( yes, our names and rank were posted outside our doors).

So, of course I was creeped out. I stepped outside so he couldn’t come in my room. He then asked me out on a date. I told him that I was really creeped out that he just randomly showed up at my room, and that I knew for sure we didn’t know each other. This guy just wouldn’t quit though! He kept asking me out on a date and for my number. I kept saying no, and he just kept persisting. OK, ladies. If you don’t already know, a man that cannot take no for an answer is not romantic. That should be the first warning sign that something is wrong with the guy!

Anyhow, this is the part of the story that makes me laugh. In order to get him away from me, I told him that my stomach was hurting and that I had been having diarrhea all day and that I had to use the bathroom right away. lol lol. I thought that me saying this would gross him out and finally get him away from me.

Well it worked! haha. I always recommend the poop excuse when having to get rid of people. It always works.

So, I figured the guy got the hint and sort of forgot about him. Until several days later, when he showed up at the pharmacy again. Then he emailed me several times. Then he started slipping I love you cards under my door. One day I came home and found roses on my bed! My suite mate told me that some guy knocked on her door and asked her if he could surprise me with the flowers! I was really freaked out by that time…especially now that I knew he had been in my room. That night, someone kept knocking all my door throughout the night.

The next day I told my supervisor, showed her the emails, cards, and letters, and she contacted his commander to get a no contact order. I figured that once we got the no contact order, stalker guy would disappear. NOT SO.

A couple of days later, I get another letter under my door. Instead of the “your so beautiful, we’re meant for each other crap,” it had really MEAN and SCARY stuff inside. Stuff like how I was a f******* b**** and how I was really gonna regret not giving him a chance. The first letter, I just ignored and thought he might get over it. NOT SO. I got 3 other letters over the course of 2 days. Then he left a box outside my door. I opened it up and found roses, except they cut all into pieces and had another scary letter inside. I remember showing it to my suite mate, and us both freaking out. That night, we both slept with our doors open.

The next morning, I found a post-it on my door that said B**** on it. Even though I was really freaked out, I must say I was glad that stalker guy left so many presents behind as proof that he was completely psycho!

After contacting my supervisor, my commander, his commander and first seargant, I never heard from this guy again. All I knew is that he was undergoing counseling and wasn’t allowed near me.

Thinking back, I realize how lucky I was that the situation never escalated beyond what it was. It was so long ago, and i haven’t thought of that time in my life for a very long time. When I saw my friend’s status, it took me back in time, and I am SO glad that I was never hurt physically or even emotionally.

Today, I looked for stalker guy on myspace and found his page. According to his page, he is a romantic and a Christian. I seriously hope that he is NORMAL now and really loves God as he claims he does. As far as him being a romantic, I hope that his idea of romanticism does not involve stalking of any kind!

4 thoughts on “I almost forgot…

  1. CREEPY! This was not in your story! I seriously would not have been able to function I would have been so terrified. Then again, I think people are stalking me when they aren't..


  2. I'm glad that I always had the faith to pray for you and your sisters every day. I believe that God heard my prayers and intervened. However, remember the words of Jesus when he often times referred to “fruit bearing”, “tears among the wheat” and “wolves in sheep's clothing”. I don't feel right in my spirit when he said on his Myspace page that he's a Christian. Don't believe it for a second because most of these psychopaths are good at acting and making people believe that they are genuine when they have something up their sleeve. I believe it's a trap to try and entice people from his past to interface with him on Myspace and believe me, these psychopaths are able to use these social networks to trace people down by their IP address. If he is a Christian then you'll see him in heaven but until then, beware. That's why it says in scripture that every day we are to ask for and seek after wisdom and understanding and count them more valuable than all the silver and gold pieces. We are also to ask for discernment so that we can discern the spirits. I love you and still pray for you and your family, and of course your sisters every single day according to Psalms 91, Psalms 121, II Kings 6. You all are the joy of my heart. You all will never know how much.


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