I’m 30.

I’ve done it. Hit middle-age-hood. Yet, the other day, a mom at the playground told me it must be hard to be a teen parent, but I look like I’ve really got in under control.


So, I’m 30. I just don’t look like it. I have been mistaken for my daughter’s nanny, babysitter, teen mama, and aunty. Never mind the fact that she looks JUST like ME!

But hey, its ok. I don’t care what anyone thinks, really. However, I do REALLY enjoy it when people think I am younger than I really am. Who wouldn’t!

So yeah, back to being 30.

30 has already been a great year. I became technologically relevant when my husband bought me the iphone 4.

WOOT woot! Its amazing. I love it, and I love being able to listen to my music all the time!

I also ensured that no one would ever mistake me for a teenager again when I traded in my fully loaded awesome SUV for a fully loaded practical minivan.

thats right, I said it folks. I am now the owner and driver of a minivan. Why, you only have one kid? Seriously?

Well, there were a few reasons behind it. Number one and most important. I really wanted a lower monthly payment. I looked up the value of my suv and surprise! It was actually higher than my pay off. For once, I was thankful for the many times I accidentally payed my car payment twice in one month, because I couldn’t remember if I payed it or not.

Yep, my car payment was higher than I desired.

And I am thinking long term. IN the next year or 2, I wanna make another baby. and after, that, Chris and I have plans to adopt. Hopefully twice. The bible says that true religion is caring for the orphan and widow. ANd, I truly believe that. We have a heart for the orphan. A child without a parent is a child without a parent….and that breaks my heart.

So anyhow, the FUTURE! As long as God will it, I’m probably gonna be a stay at home mom. And, man, our car payment was really making things tough to save as much as we want to. So, as spontaneous people we are, we decided to attempt a trade in with a less expensive purchase.

And it worked! My smarty pants, patient husband talked the guy into giving us 21K for our suv, instead of the 19.9K payoff. Then, he talked them into giving us 700 dollars just to NOT give them another clunker car we have. LOL. And, then, he talked the price down of the van we did want. So we got a great deal and will be saving an extra 150 a month!

SO that was reason number one. THe second reason is that we travel…ALOT. Being a military family means we are always away from our family. And when we visit, we come with a baby, a dog, a stroller, a portable crib, a baby carrier, a ton of baby stuff, and then lastly, our stuff. We always felt like we never had enough room. NOt to mention, the times we’d have to pull over so I could nurse Isabela. THere would be NO room at all for that! ANd, being that we will always travel alot and that in the next 5 years , we hope to have at least 2 but optimally 3 kiddos, we decided that a minivan would be the next best solution.

Perks? lower gas mileage. lots of room. Isabela loves being high enough to see out all of the windows and cries less in the van.( she HATES her carseat and has always threw fits in the car).
comfy breastfeeding, when we have to pull over during roadtrips to do so. yeah, I don’t regret it.

SO, Im 30. I have an iphone 4 and minivan. A beautiful daughter and the desire in my heart to have more of my own and more that aren’t my own. An awesome pup that has lots of tricks up his sleeve. I’m part of my church’s worship music ministry. I am going to Portland today and Seattle next week!

I’m so incredibly blessed.

Peace out!

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