New Baby love

Isabela is napping, and I’m sitting down to blog. All these thoughts are going through my head, like: I should be picking up this mess of a house Isabela created, I should be starting dinner, I should be folding laundry, I should be catching up on phone calls/emails…..etc.

Looking around, I see almost all my kitchen cabinets open and their contents strewn across my tiny kitchen. I see articles of clothing Isabela dragged out of the laundry baskets ( clean laundry, thank God), laying about….which makes me smile,because she loves to grab our clothes, wrap them around her neck like a scarf, and run about the house.
I see all the stuff her dad made her breakfast with left out on the counters…..and of course, toys, toys toys (:

This, for sure, is the house of a stay at home mom. One would think that if you are at home all day, its not to hard to keep a spotless home, but one would also be mistaken, because a spotless home can’t be my first priority when a tiny tot is.

Even so, although my house is pretty much torn apart ( like it is every moment when Isabela is awake), I still have to be able it have it ready in a moments notice in case a buyer wants to look at our house. Most of the time, we have enough notice for me to do an awesome clean up and then take Isabela out of the house all day, so she can’t mess all my hard work up (:

Anyhow, Isabela is growing and becoming quite a little lady. She loves all her dollies and everyday has a little tea party with them. She loves to feed them, change their diapers, and push them in her stroller. She also loves to play dress up (: Its so much fun!

At church, Isabela is quite the little mommy. She gives the tiny babies hugs, kisses, blankets, and pats all service long. She is really ready for a brother or sister!

Chris and I are so blessed to be able to give her one! We find out on 10 Feb just how far along I am estimated to be!

Its so strange, this time, to not know how far along I am , when last time, I knew the exact day Isabela was conceived, the exact say I ovulated…etc. lol.

And already this pregnancy is different. No sore breasts, no morning sickness or constant nausea, very little fatigue, no food aversions. I am just not starting to get increasing hungry, and its been difficult to keep all my snacking healthy (:

I am very adament this time about eating healthily this entire pregnancy and not giving in to sugary cravings. I will also be exercising this entire pregnancy, where as the last one, it was only intermittently and very low paced. Psshhhh, I learned my lesson, over 50 lbs later!

However, if I do it right this time, I will still be under the amount of weight i gained during my first pregnancy, even if I gain 25 lbs! lol.

So anyway….I am very excited to be pregnant again and bond with my new son or daughter. I’m excited to feel him or her move, and kiss his or her face for the 1st time. I’m excited to see Isabela bond with her new sister or brother (-:

I am also a little nervous. Well, a lot. Thinking how am I ever gonna keep the house somewhat neat and organized and be on top of cooking dinners every night. How am I gonna deal with my little toddler and tiny newborn , alone, by myself, when Chris returns to force, and is at numerous Air Force training duties, and we’ll once again be in a new place with a very limited support system.

And then I remember….we’ll do it the same way we did it here. With lots of patience, love, and compromise. With the reorganization of priorities and unlimited faith in a GOD so much bigger than ourselves.s AND, this time, we will have family who lives one hour away and more family who lives 5 hours away…..

We can do it…we really have no choice!

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