First, let me say thank you. To everyone who emailed me, facebooked me, texted me, called me, prayed for me, cried with me – thank you! I don’t think I ever really realized how many people love and care for me until just recently. I am genuinely overwhelmed with love. I am so grateful.

I am happy that I wrote about losing our baby. It was an easy decision to make. Writing is very cathartic for me…and I need to heal. After writing the story, it just felt so much easier to move on. There are some other things as well. Like the tree we intend to plant in memory of her. Thank you Jessica.

The beautiful rose bush that so truly describes the character of life. Beautiful. Fragile. Unpredictable. High maintenance. Thank you Angela, Aurelia, and Stacy.

There is more, which will remain private.

But, surprisingly, there is also the name. We initially chose Aureliana Grace. But through my mourning, I realized that God had given her a new name.


Of Hebrew origin.

In the bible, the seraphim are the highest ranking angels of God. And, they are known for their zealous love. The meaning of Seraphina is “burning ones.”

And suddenly, this all makes sense. Yes, we will heal. We will move on. But….her memory will never disappear. The promise of what could have been will always burn inside of us.

And so….that’s it. That’s all I have to say publicly. And, I will never publicly write about this again. My public blog will return to what it once was….whatever that is.

Because, I have to move on. To continue to live joyfully in these fleeting moments. I can’t let myself be stuck here.

So, thank you , everyone. Please know that we are immensely grateful for the love and kindness you have shared. In those dark moments, we have never felt so loved.

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