Sometimes, you just gotta wear diamonds!

We rarely have a date night.

So, when we do, it’s pretty exciting.

This past Saturday, we were able to go on one last date before Chris deploys. It was such a bittersweet feeling. Bitter, because he is leaving, sweet, because dates are always sweet!

As I was getting ready, I felt a little discouraged. Being a stay at home mom, for us, means we have to budget. And rarely does that budget allow for new clothing or accessories. However discouraged I can feel about that, I wouldn’t give up staying at home with my tot for anything!

Even so, sometimes little things can make an outfit seem fresh, new and up to date, and I managed to find something that made me feel very pretty (:
And after I was done with makeup and doing my hair, I realized that I had a dilemma.

After having Isabela, I quit wearing most of my jewelry for about 1.5 years. I had certain, sturdier pieces, I would wear at times, but most of it was too delicate. And finally, when I felt like I would be able to wear some of it without Isabela ripping it from me, I realized that my taste had changed quite a bit.

No longer was I the childless wild child! I needed more classic, unique pieces, rather than trendy.

So, I gathered all my unwanted jewelery, and gave it to my bestie Stacy. She was VERY happy about this!

And after that, I kind of forgot that I was supposed to slowly accumulate more.

So, there I was, looking at the few , not so cute pieces that I have, and it hit me…..

I have diamonds!

Diamonds, that I have been fearful to wear for so long, knowing that Isabela, who loves all things sparkle, would immediately tear these diamonds from my neck, gleefully wanting them for herself!

My husband bought me my first diamond necklace. It was our first Valentine’s day together, and I remember feeling blown away! No man had ever spent that much money on me – I hadn’t even spent that much money on me before!

After that, my dear husband bought me another diamond, in the form of an engagement ring!
And, after marriage, there was even more!

Diamonds are ALWAYS the perfect gift.

And I as looked into my little jewelry box ( its not like I have a safe people, come on!), I thought what these diamonds mean to me…

A display and gesture of love, all wrapped up into a tiny box.

At the same time, these diamonds represent better, or lets say easier, financial times. When we were duel military, with no kids, and saving ALOT of money, way more than we can now.

But even more, these diamonds remind me of my husband. Who loves me and has sacrificed so much for our family. A man of few words, these were his way of expressing his love for me.

There are some occasions that are more special than others.
an anniversary
a wedding
a baby
deployment homecomings!

All special and significant. Moments in life that are captured and engraved into our hearts.

But there are other occasions in between. Maybe these don’t get the attention of our families and friends. Maybe they seem silly or mundane to others. And, maybe, we, ourselves, don’t even understand them.

But these occasions, like the date night, still hold significance in our lives. They give us a time to refresh. To re-bond. To remember why we love each other, and who we are, besides a mom and dad.

Sometimes, nights like this demand sparkle. Whether its diamonds, the glamor of a trendy restaurant, or the rarity of just being alone together…..

The sparkle is what makes it special.

And, this girl loves sparkle.

Sometimes, you just have to wear your diamonds. My bestie, Stacy, would say, “NO, Alicia, ALL the time!”

And, maybe she’s right.

But for us “sometimes girls”, this one is for you. May your frumpy ( your not, but just feel that way!) , mom to a toddler, ( making sure to wear print during an outing in case your tot spills something on you, wipes a booger on you ( yes that happens!), drools on you, or even worse, throws up on you, ) everyday practical clothes wearing ( because how else would you run, chase, climb on playgrounds with your toddler, and play jump on mommy), version of you be temporarily forgotten.

May we all have the luxury of date nights, please!

And lastly, may we all come home, completely refreshed, to sleeping children, who do NOT wake up until morning!

Yes, please!

Here is a video, in honor of date nights.

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