quick update

It has been 2 weeks since Chris has gone.

I’ve been busy, and the few moments that I haven’t been busy, I’ve chosen sleep over blogging. Can you blame me?

Isabela has really been missing Chris. The past few days, she will say in the saddest little voice, “Sad. Sad Bella.” She will also randomly say ask where daddy is, if he’s coming back, and now says that she misses daddy.

She also has been saying that all her toys are sad, even disney princess Tiana is sad!

My poor sweet girl. She really is having a hard time missing daddy this week. She has been asking to sleep with me on some nights, and I’m definitely allowing her. I want to give her as much security as I can. We still have a long way to go before daddy comes back!

She also has been having some very extreme meltdowns on very tiny things! Like putting on her diaper before bedtime or even putting on her pajamas! Its SO frustrating….she absolutely has to wear a diaper at night. But I have tried to let her feel like she has a little control over her life by letting her wear whatever she wants to bed, even if it is nothing. I will turn on the heat, add extra blankets , and resort to waiting til she is passed out to sneak some jammies on her, if I have to.

Because at the end of the day, I’m incredibly exhausted. Its really not that important of an issue. Especially because we are in the South, and its still in the 60’s at night, and will NEVER get as cold as Iowa did at night.

I have been trying to keep Isabela busy, but at least one day out of the week, I am SO tired, so we just end up staying inside, watching movies, coloring, doing crafts for the day. I feel bad on those days, and am going to try and push myself to stay active….even on those extremely tired, exhausting days.

It has been utterly amazing to have Dad and Even live so close. On the weekends, its just a great mental burden lifted, in a way, when they are here. Isabela loves her Lola, and Lola and Isabela will play for a while, and my mind just gets a rest from toddler play and all things toddler for a while!

Last week, I woke up on Sunday and Even had cleaned the bathroom and folded my laundry for me! Isn’t that amazing! Also, Dad filled my van up with gas for me the other day, too. It is just so nice to have the support of family nearby! Dad and Even, Chris and I love you, and are so thankful to have you!

I am hoping that after halloween, the rest of the holidays come and go quickly. Christmas is my all time favorite, and Isabela loves it too! I’m excited to start decorating, when the time is right, and to have something new and fresh in the house for Isabela to enjoy.

More to come later!

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