All you need is love

I just got done video chatting with my sweet husband.

I am so thankful for him, for always supporting me in my dreams, encouraging me, pushing me, and listening to me when I’m down.

Like today.

I just broke down crying over the video….over things that I cannot possibly control.

When we talk, I try my best to be positive and joyful. When your loved one deploys, you learn to understand that they are in an incredibly stressful and lonely situation. When you do get to talk to them, the last thing you want to do is stress them out even more, be upset with them, or make them worry about you.

So, I do my best….but there are times when I just can’t control my emotions, and this was definitely a case.

To me, the worst thing is feeling pain over someone who didn’t meant to hurt me….or to feel broken over things I can’t control. It’s the worst, because even as I’m feeling sad about it, I know that I’m just being silly and need to let it go!


The best thing is having the support of someone who not only loves me, but understands me. Who really gets that complicated, emotional, perfectionist, over-analytic person that lives inside of me. Who stays calm in the rushing waves of my emotions and WAITS.
Who kindly and gently tells me the truth, while still validating my concerns. Who encourages me, who BELIEVES in me and believes in my dreams….

My hubby is that who and so much more.

This May, we will have been married for NINE years! We’ve made it through so much-some things a lot of couples would have ran away from.

I’m so very proud of us.

Love you Chris!

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