Back and better!

There is something to be said about vacation.
I have just returned from a 12 day getaway. Our first real family vacation. In true Davila style, we vacationed along with 4 other families. I think there were 17 of us total!
It was marvelous!
For the first time in many years, I had the chance to seriously unwind. With no cell phone service or internet, I lived in the moment. I relaxed.  I didn’t rush or hurry to do things. I was able to think.
To refresh. To enJOY.
 To commune with God in tropical paradise is…… indescribable.
What a blessing it was to sail away with family and friends for almost 2 weeks!
I can’t help but wonder…did I walk away changed? What can I take from this experience?
There are several things I don’t mind sharing.
But first…
For 4 days, we relaxed in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 
Then, we boarded a cruise ship and cruised for 7 days.
We made stops in St Thomas, St Kitts, Aruba, and Curacao. Then we headed back to Puerto Rico for one more day before we headed back to real life.
St Thomas
The water was so clear, perfect for snorkeling.
St Kitts
Such rich history! Here, Stacy and I did a Caribbean cooking excursion in a beautiful plantation home. Then we took a taxi to see one of the black sand beaches.
Next, we cruised on to Aruba. Here, the water was a beautiful turquoise.  By far, one of the most beautiful beaches ever!
A perfect setting for swimming, sunning, jet skis, and parasailing!
And, then we cruised on to Curacao.  A beautiful, thriving island, clearly with a history of Dutch settlement.
Here we are on their famous floating bridge. We got stuck on the floating bridge for about 45 minutes.
No worries! We had a lot of fun just watching the boats pass through.
And finally, back to Puerto Rico for one night.
Who doesn’t love a night stroll on the beach!
Our first REAL family vacation and,
I think this face says it all….

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