"Inside Out," a poem

I’d prefer to read poetry aloud…..It’s rather difficult to write it in the way it should be read.

“Inside Out”
You will not hide, and nothing will be hidden.
If I desire, if I search, if I really mean it, and really…
I’ll find You, the source of all.
And we are fickle,  often confused.
Soul, separate from man, intertwined with flesh…
“Misunderstood,” we say. “But, it’s alright.”  
Will you share with me Your heart?
Your ways – higher. Your thoughts -higher. Your love – higher. Your grace, just… 
And yet, more than.
My heart is set on Yours.
We think we know the heart of God, what lies therein.
What lies therein? A garden? Yes, a garden. 
Perfect, lush, Glorious!
What prize would be sufficient? Could I win such a heart?
I walk.
 I search.
 I find a garden.
THE garden.
And there,
is life. 
wild and beautiful.
But wait! It’s messy! There are weeds, there are wildflowers, there are patches of dirt!
Next to roses, orchids, magnolias, water lilies…
It’s kind of,
A few stray leaves there,  branches  here, an obvious picking of plants there…
Wild growth, uninhibited planting, thorns amongst the lilies.
And, it’s…
it’s just lovely.
O, it’s mismatched, imperfect. 
But it’s…
Beautiful. Breathtaking. Transformative.
Wild and beautiful, it’s here I walk.
Resting, reclining in the arbors.

THIS heart, THIS garden, is SAFE.

And, the gates are open.
Here’s my heart, 
My gates are open.
I am your garden.
To cultivate, to prune, to …till, to water, to re-design to your liking.
I Love you God, and I know that you love me.
Walk about my heart, O God. i am Your garden.

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