The Chasm Between

There’s nothing for me in the in-between. Pick a side, cuz that chasm falls deep. Can’t climb out, no second chances, A black hole pit, a temporary release… That burns the bridge over the in-between. There’s nothing for me in the in-between

Hosea 13, “God in a Box”

day 18 response to #shereadstruth Hosea devotional   I’ve put You high in unseen places.   A shelf with a box has Your name on it.   Shall I get You down in emergencies? Shall I place You next to the band-aids?   Bandage of the soul and spirit, You are In the box, onContinue reading “Hosea 13, “God in a Box””

Hosea 11

Sow in me righteousness, Reap in me steadfast love, Break in me fallowed land   It is time to seek You, Lord…   Come like the rain, Your goodness pouring down.   For though I run, scattered in sin, You do not lose me.   Your faithfulness reels me in, Your fences protect my lifeContinue reading “Hosea 11”

Even the Wanderer… A Hosea Response

And a wanderer was I, Living in a house of rebellion                                          Reclining on furniture of shame,                                    Snuggling with blanketsContinue reading “Even the Wanderer… A Hosea Response”

I am MORE (Poetry): Lessons in Vulnerability, part 2

I am more than my body, More than my curves. I am more than my smile, My looks, my clothes. I am not a trophy, Or a symbol of your best. I’m no prize or property, No object to cherish. FOR, Underneath my clothes, Underneath my skin, Underneath my bones, This is where my beauty lives. Tell me,Continue reading “I am MORE (Poetry): Lessons in Vulnerability, part 2”

Daughter, Arise!

I come to you, Jesus. falling at your feet, Jesus. Fearful and trembling, Jesus. – You have every reason to condemn me. “You harlot!” they say. – You have every reason to condemn me, “You sinner!” they say. – You have every reason to condemn me, “You leper!”  they say BUT…. – What will You say? –Continue reading “Daughter, Arise!”

Who is Jesus?

Jesus is : God’s Son. Jesus is : The Mediator between God and man. Jesus is: The only Being to have lived a life of perfect righteousness. Jesus is: The Slain Lamb;  The Perfect Sacrifice. Jesus is: The Atonement for the sins of the world – Once and for all! Jesus is: ALL authority inContinue reading “Who is Jesus?”

Angel’s Song

When all you can do is sing your prayers and pray your psalms until nothing is left but the sound of your fingers sliding across the neck of your guitar…. And, you know that no recording can truly capture the depth of this moment, but it’s ok, because this? This is the song that angels sing.Continue reading “Angel’s Song”