3 am thoughts

Have you ever took up your life, forgone the seatbelt and purposely crashed into a wall? Metaphorically speaking. …I believe we all have at times. You see, unwise decisions and habitual sin lead to devastation. Injury. Death. And, I have done it myself, speeding along at my will, wrecking my life, and all the whileContinue reading “3 am thoughts”

Cancer Free

****I wrote this in February of 2017, the day Natalie received her official cancer free diagnosis.  But, this time two years ago was when Natalie was first diagnosed with cancer, and I’ve asked her mom’s permission to share this story, from my own perspective. I hope you read it…and celebrate Natalie’s beautifully victorious life withContinue reading “Cancer Free”

Hosea 11

Sow in me righteousness, Reap in me steadfast love, Break in me fallowed land   It is time to seek You, Lord…   Come like the rain, Your goodness pouring down.   For though I run, scattered in sin, You do not lose me.   Your faithfulness reels me in, Your fences protect my lifeContinue reading “Hosea 11”

Unedited: “The Sower of the Wind.”

After work, I’ll probably be annoyed that I posted this morning’s journal entry without bothering to edit it. I am compelled  to share this in its raw form though…and I hope even there, that it resonates with someone. DAY 11, #Shereadstruth devotional “They sow the wind and shall reap the whirlwind.” –Hosea 8:7  Here IContinue reading “Unedited: “The Sower of the Wind.””


A few months ago, or maybe many months ago, I was asked to do the Wednesday night service teaching over Genesis 34:1-36:43 This is an tiny excerpt, my conclusion, and my call to allow change to seep into our souls. GOD can bring good out of EVIL. God is able to use the evil thatContinue reading “Change”

Healing In Our House, an appeal for Grace

Release grace upon my tongue Welling up in me Kindness and tenderness Be upon me   In my home Manifest Your goodness Your gentleness Through me   Release wisdom upon my heart Curating me Patience and understanding Be upon me   In my home Manifest Your goodness Your gentleness Through me Release yielding in myContinue reading “Healing In Our House, an appeal for Grace”


JESUS Forsaken and Condemned… The Son of God. Lifted up… The Resurrection and The Life. The Brightness of God’s Glory The Savior of the World. Lamb of God… Unshaken on the throne And- Ruler over ALL. The Sure Foundation. The Sanctuary. The Sacrifice , The Ransom, The Slain Lamb – The Forerunner. Tempted, Oppressed, Scourged,Continue reading “JESUS”