The Calling

Sometimes I feel my calling rising up in me.

Not this JOB to be done or this task to perform.

But this part of my soul that wells up, so much so, that ….

I can barely breath.

And I know, that this calling is more than me, yet a part of me.

And I cannot separate it from myself…

This calling is who I am

An identity- a branch of Christ that compels me to move,

Propelled by love, sustained by hope, and made alive through the most desperate of circumstances.

And I know….that this calling cannot be a “thing” that needs to be done.

It needs to be lived.

And, I am not subject to it or confined by it; no, it intertwines itself throughout my being…

Pulsating through my veins, storming through my lungs, abounding through my heart and soul,

Kissing every internal wound as I allow it to release.


I feel my calling rising in me…..

And I tip over,

Like a vase,

Spilling over

every drop.

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