• Forsaken and Condemned…
  • The Son of God.
  • Lifted up…
  • The Resurrection and The Life.
  • The Brightness of God’s Glory
  • The Savior of the World.
  • Lamb of God…
  • Unshaken on the throne
  • And-
  • Ruler over ALL.
  • The Sure Foundation.
  • The Sanctuary.
  • The Sacrifice , The Ransom, The Slain Lamb –
  • The Forerunner.
  • Tempted, Oppressed,
    Scourged, Bruised, Crucified and –
    Obedient, Victorious, Justified,
    Exalted and…
    Raised up on the last day.
  • The Grace.
  • The Love.
  • The Patience.
  • The Mercy.
  • The Compassion.
  • The Refuge.
  • O Mercy Seat, O Great High Priest!
  • O First Born of the dead!
  • O Resurrection!
  • O Finisher of Faith!
  • O Eternal One!


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